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Software Description

JSyn allows you to develop interactive computer music pieces in Java. The JSyn Plugin allows you to place them in a web page for others to enjoy. JSyn uses native methods written in 'C' to provide real-time audio synthesis for Java programmers. JSyn can be used to generate sound effects, audio environments, or music. JSyn is based on the traditional model of unit generators which can be connected together to form complex sounds. For example, you could create a wind sound by connecting a white noise generator to a low pass filter that is modulated by a random contour generator.


  • Real time 16 bit audio synthesis at 44100 Hz using the CPU
  • Library of unit generators including oscillators, filters, envelopes, noise generators, effects
  • 16 bit audio sample playback can be combined with other synthesis and processing units
  • Easy to use Java classes for creating, connecting and controlling unit generators
  • Time-stamping to allow scheduling of control events for rock solid timing
  • Sample and envelope data queuing supports flexible looping and splicing
  • Audio input support for voice recording and processing
  • Support for multi-channel devices such as the 8-in, 8-out Terratec EWS88MT
  • Support for PCs and Macintosh. JSyn can be used from a Java Application or an Applet using the Netscape Communicator, Internet Explorer or iCab browser plugins
  • A number of example Applets are provided that demonstrate these features
  • Documentation includes JavaDocs, an interactive tutorial, and a slide presentation from ICMC'98
  • The free Developer SDK provides all that you need to develop JSyn programs and put them in a web page
  • Wire - a graphical patch editor for developers allows you to design sounds by connecting unit generators interactively.Wire can export Java source code that will recreate that sound
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