KMidimon 0.7.5
by Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
(Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas Website)
Owned by user Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas

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License Conditions:

Freeware GPL

System Requirements:

In order to successfully use KMidimon, you need KDE 4.X. and ALSA 1.0 drivers and library. For MIDI playback you need a MIDI synthesizer, for instance a soft-synth.

Last Updated: 2013-08-12
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

KMidimon monitors events coming from MIDI external ports or applications via the ALSA sequencer, and from SMF (Standard MIDI files) or WRK (Cakewalk/Sonar) files. It is especially useful if you want to debug MIDI software or your MIDI setup. It features a nice graphical user interface, customizable event filters and sequencer parameters, support for MIDI and ALSA messages, and saving the recorded event list to a SMF or text file.


  • Easy to use KDE graphic user interface
  • Based on ALSA sequencer. Provides one input port to be connected to other programs and devices using the usual external tools (aconnect, kaconnect, QJackCtl...)
  • Customizable event filters and sequencer parameters
  • Supports all MIDI messages, including System Exclusive, and some ALSA messages
  • MIDI Playback of the recorded session or loaded MIDI file
  • Saves to a text file or standard MIDI file the recorded event list

Changes in 0.7.5:

  • Japanese translation, by Oota Toshiya
  • Fixed a crash at exit when playing

Changes in 0.7.4:

  • requires Drumstick >= 0.5
  • load and play OVE files (Overture), contributed by Rui Fan
  • option to request real-time priority on MIDI input thread
  • option to (not) resize columns while recording
  • better reporting of file loading errors
  • revised universal sysex messages translation
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