KR-Imager STR v1.2
by Kresearch
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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2009-01-28
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Software Description

KR-Imager STR is a stereo image enhancer audio plug-in with unique processing capabilities.

In a conventional stereo imager enhancer design the input audio signal is divided into a very small number of frequency bands using time domain filters which are then used to distribute the filtered results to the left and right stereo audio channels. KR-Imager STR uses a frequency domain engine which divides the signal in hundreds of individual frequency components allowing a very detailed expansion of the input audio signal by means of user selectable algorithms.

KR-Imager STR supports two stereo image animation methods and an additional freeze morph function which are used to provide dynamic time variable stereo imaging. Foremost, the algorithmic sweep method, whereas the selected algorithmic 'filter' or transform is changing the frequency response bands according to a user specified change rate. Furthermore, a morph method, whereas two different algorithms are combined (morphed) in realtime according to a user specified rate. The KR-Imager STR engine allows the use of sweep and morph stereo image animation methods individually or concurrently, hence further enriching the variations of the resulting stereo image.

The KR-Imager STR can be used to process in terms of stereo imaging MONO audio signals as well as to enhance already existing STEREO audio material. When used with already existing STEREO audio KR-Imager STR further enhances the existing stereo image by widening the input audio signal at its output. The KR-Imager STR output audio signal is spectrally neutral and balanced at all times, i.e. it does not change the inputs frequency components (NO additional coloring of input audio signal), but only widens the stereo image for more pleasant listening.

KR-Imager Features/Controls:

  • Proprietary STR (Spectral Transformation ReSynthesis) DSP engine operating exclusively in the frequency domain for unique effect production.
  • Primary and secondary "Shape" algorithm selection control.
  • Effect "Depth" control.
  • Algorithm "Sweep" speed control.
  • Morph enable control.
  • Morph speed control.
  • Morph Freeze enable control.
  • Morph algorithm mix control for frozen morphing.
  • Left/Right/Both input channel selector

New in v1.2

  • Strong Transform Mode which achieves wider channel separation.
  • New Gain control for Strong Transform Mode.
  • Version 1.0 - 1.1 presets are supported in the "Normal Transform" mode.
  • New Skin.
  • New presets using the Strong Transform Mode.
  • Bug fixes:Compatibility fixes for Vista and Vista 64 bit.
  • Bug fixes:Compatibility fixes for Windows XP and Windows XP 64 bit.
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