Kergos-1 v1.6
by Nay-Seven
(Nay-Seven Website)

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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2006-11-01
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Software Description

Kergos-1 is a MIDI VST tool designed specifically for use with the Korg ES-1 hardware sampler. The ES-1 sends NRPN MIDI messages and the Kergos-1 plug-in translates these so that you can use it as a MIDI control surface (you can have 49 classic MIDI controllers (0 to 127). There is also a tuner for each pad, channel change and editable labels for each controller.

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New in v1.6

  • You can now change directly the MIDI port in the plugin. Click on "MIDI" choose "choice" and select the port you want to use. In"normal" mode the plugin acts as before (thru the plugin).
  • On part 1 (you have to click on " 1/ST. on the Korg) use the effect and the reverse button to send program change message.
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