Kinisis v1.02
by Progress Audio
(Progress Audio Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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Operating System:
File Size: 33.8 MB
License Conditions:

Registration: US$110.00

System Requirements:

VSTi/AU host application. Mac OSX 10.4 or higher.

Last Updated: 2009-11-11
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Kinisis is a synthesiser with an unusual "Timeline" interface. The interface uses a Timeline, along the lines of using keyframes in animation software. Sounds are designed by moving to a point in the Timeline and then moving any of the knobs/controls to create a keyframe at that point. When you play a note, Kinisis 'animates' the controls. This is much more powerful than traditional ADSR envelopes, and also makes it easy to do relatively complex things.

Multiple Parts:

  • 4 parts or ‘voices’ per note for complex layered sounds.
  • Each voice is a complete synthesiser engine with its own Timeline, oscillators, filter, modulation options and effects routing.


  • Vector synthesis oscillators which mix between 4 waveforms
  • 4-part unison.
  • Noise oscillator can be mixed into the main waveform.


  • Import waveforms from WAV files.
  • Use the additive editor to change individual harmonics for ultimate control.
  • Waveform editor allows you to draw in a waveform, great for experimenting.


  • 12dB/octave resonant filter.
  • Low pass, band pass and high pass modes.
  • All parameters controllable by the Timeline for great filter effects.


  • Per-note modulation matrix and LFOs. Each note plays its own modulation effects independently of other notes.
  • All LFO parameters can be animated in the Timeline.
  • Modulation amount in each slot of the modulation matrix can be animated over the course of a note using the Timeline.


  • Delay, reverb, and distortion global send effects.
  • Effects send amount is controllable for each note by the Timeline. Each note’s effect sends can be controlled over the course of the note.
  • Global low-pass and high-pass filters for general shaping of your sound.

Real-time Performance Controls:

  • 6 assignable X-Y pads with MIDI learn and host automation support.
  • Time freeze: sweep through the Timeline with the mouse or MIDI controller to control which part of the Timeline is being played.
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