LASH v0.5.4
by Dave Robillard
(Dave Robillard Website)

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Last Updated: 2008-02-28
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Software Description

LASH is a session management system for JACK and ALSA audio applications on GNU/Linux. It is an implementation of a proposal that originated from this discussion. Its aim is to allow you to have many different audio programs running at once, to save their setup, close them down and then easily reload the setup at some other time. LASH doesn't deal with any kind of audio data itself; it just runs programs, deals with saving/loading (arbitrary) data and connects different kinds of virtual audio ports together (currently JACK and ALSA sequencer ports). It can also be used to move entire sessions between computers, or post sessions on the Internet for download.

New in v0.5.4

  • Fix small memory leak
  • Fix alsa event handling problems
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