Laborejo 0.8
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Open Source

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Linux with Jack

Last Updated: 2013-06-11
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Software Description

Laborejo is a music notation program.

It uses a lilypond GUI frontend and converts your notes into MIDI data to help you compose via notation. The goal of Laborejo is to provide a simple but effective design, you won't have to worry about the layout, just give the instructions and it will produce the output that requires very little post processing, if not none at all.

This program allows you to create music via notation and play it back without having to leave the notation based environment.


  • Unlimited tracks/staffs, voices, items.
  • Input via Keyboard, Mouse or MIDI
  • Flexibel and fast shortcut and configuring system.
  • Portable, as few dependencies as possible.
  • Ready to print, PDF generation
  • Knowledge of Lilypond not required
  • MIDI file generation
  • Playback through Jack
  • Control over performance

Changes in v0.8

  • Swing for Playback mode. In the Performance Signature.
  • More preview and export options, especially for Lilypond
  • Jack Transport start and stop sync.
  • Update calfbox as well!
  • "Did you know" help screen and splash dialog (optional)

Changes in v0.7

  • Various fixes and small enhancements
  • Non Session Manager support.
  • Numpad Palette and corresponding shortcuts.
  • A moving playback cursor, showing you which part of Bachs "Kunst der Fuge" you currently don't understand
  • Changes in v0.6

    • New internal Soundfont engine
    • General MIDI sampler
    • New MIDI-In implementation
    • Changes in v0.5

      • Laborejo Collections .lbj file format
      • Combine several score files .lbjs file format
      • Reformats your music into the new format before applying changes
      • Compatible with various templates like Ardour and Lilypond
      • Custom export or partial extraction of audio
      • Collapse/Shrink Tracks to save space
      • New reverse selection options
      • Non-transparent containers implemented
      • Editable ocntainers including whole tracks and substitution in its own tab
      • Mini Lilypond parser for inserting notes by a script
      • GUI improvements

      Changes in v0.4

      • Lyrics are visible under the tracks directly and aligned to their notes
      • Better cursor
      • New dynamics like fp and sfz.
      • New commandset for note speed entry with the numblock.
      • Colored always-visible Marker in the GUI to indicate track groups.
      • Lilypond binary and pdf viewer are now a config variable
      • More Subsitutions, Final Fantasy arpeggio, common melody figures etc.
      • Various bugfixes and small improvements

      Changes in v0.3

      • Various performance and stability improvements
      • Better Midi performance. Slur ends, tenuto etc.
      • Convert chord-tracks to single voice tracks
      • Ardour 3 exporter
      • Fine control over midi velocity and note durations per note.
      • New partial German translation is included.
      • Lisalo Importer (convenient way to create new files with all jack connections set up already)
      • Mirror notes, reverse, shuffle, sort ascending/descending
      • Can now open multiple files in tabs.
      • Open as template: Use existing save files as templates for new ones. No need for explicit template files. Every file is one.
      • New Lilypond and GUI functions such as: Auto-Piano staff from a single track (great for arpeggios), piano pedals and many more.

      Changes in v0.2

      • Repeats, Alternate Ends and Jumps in various forms.
      • Playback Trigger
      • Master Track
      • Various Commands - Join Selection to Chord" and "Add Octave to Chord/Selection"
      • Bugfixes

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