LinuxSampler v0.3.3
by LinuxSampler Development Team
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GNU GPL license with the exception that COMMERCIAL USE of the souce code, libraries and applications is
NOT ALLOWED without prior written permission by the LinuxSampler authors.

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Last Updated: 2005-07-15
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Software Description

Developer description:

LinuxSampler is a work in progress. The goal is to produce a free, open source pure software audio sampler with professional grade features, comparable to both hardware and commercial Windows/Mac software samplers and to introduce new features not yet available by any other sampler in the world.

LinuxSampler was designed as a sampler backend, decoupled from any user interface. It provides a network interface using an ASCII based protocol called LSCP for controlling the sampler and managing sampler sessions. But don't be afraid, with QSampler we already have a convenient GUI frontend (based on the cross-platform GUI library Qt) for LinuxSampler and due to the decoupled design you can even control the sampler with the GUI frontend from another computer, probably even running another OS like Windows or OS X. Beside our own custom network control layer we planned to add existing ones as well (e.g. OSC). With the planned SMP and cluster support LinuxSampler might become a very interesting tool for high-end studios and concerts in future.

It is planned to support all common sampler formats in LinuxSampler, but at the moment we chose to concentrate on the Gigasampler format, because we think it's currently the best sampler format in regards of quality and power, especially for the synthesis of natural instruments like pianos, brass and bowed instruments. But we already made good advance in implementing this format, so we are optimistic to start with adding other formats soon. Beside that we also planned to design our own, sophisticated sampler format to introduce a more powerful and more flexible sampler format compared to any sampler format currently available in the world. Be encouraged to share your ideas about such a new format with us!

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