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Last Updated: 1998-02-11
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Software Description

LoShuMusic is a standalone application created on MAX 3.0 that plays pleasant aleatoric-algorithmic music using 3 high-quality 44100 16-bit .snd files on he Mac's internal speakers. The LoShu is an ancient "Magic Square" of 9 different numbers that add up to 15 in any direction.

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New Patch File to Upgrade LoShuMusic to LoShuMusic .02

This file updates LoShuMusic-max.hqx. Several bugs
were fixed and an entirely new graphic display added.

You must download and install LoShuMusic-max.hqx BEFORE
downloading loshu-music-02.hqx .

Here are some download links:

<a href="ftp://sunsite.anu.edu.au/pub/mac/info-mac/art/loshu-music-02.hqx">ftp://sunsite.anu.edu.au/pub/mac/info-mac/art/loshu-music-02.hqx</a>

<a href="ftp://ftp.web.ad.jp/info-mac/art/loshu-music-02.hqx">ftp://ftp.web.ad.jp/info-mac/art/loshu-music-02.hqx</a>

<a href="ftp://mirror.apple.com/mirrors/Info-Mac.Archive/art/loshu-music-02.hqx">ftp://mirror.apple.com/mirrors/Info-Mac.Archive/art/loshu-music-02.hqx</a>

United Kingdom:
<a href="ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/packages/info-mac/art/loshu-music-02.hqx">ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/packages/info-mac/art/loshu-music-02.hqx</a>

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