Loop-X v1.0
by Kymerical
(Kymerical Website)

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File Size: 55.1 MB
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Saving disabled. Registration: US$29.95

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Full-Duplex Sound

Last Updated: 2006-09-01
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Software Description

Loop-X allows you to scan your favourite .mp3s ( or wave files ) and cut out perfect sample loops easily and efficiently. It's the perfect tool for those who use loop-based sequencers like Ableton Live! or Acid and want to build up their sample library quickly. You simply scan any song you want - Loop-X determines the BPM, finds a loop, and plays it back to you ready for saving. You don't have to waste lots of time manually auditioning and cutting out loops with an editor like SoundForge. This is a huge time-saving tool and allows you to spend more time making music and less time working on boring/tedious loop cutting.

There's a bonus addon called the "Loop Mangler" ( you get Loop Mangler free with both the demo and full version of Loop-X ), which lets you mash up beats in really cool ways. It slices your loop into 4,8,or 16 slices, and allows you to re-arrange the playback of those slices as you see fit.. plus you can reverse any slice, or with a cool feature called "loopdipping", you can replace any slice with a slice from a loop in your sample library. All the loop slices are CROSSFADED, making transitions smooth between slices. You can build very complex mosaics of sound or complex cutup patterns. It's perfect software for the experimentalists among you

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