LoopDub v0.3
by Stephen Sinclair
(Stephen Sinclair Website)

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Last Updated: 2008-03-21
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Software Description

Audio application for live loop manipulation.


  • Can be used with a MIDI controller. Typically designed for something like the Edirol PCR-30, which has 8 sliders and 8 knobs as well as a 30-key keyboard. I also use it with my M-Audio UC-33 controller, which has 8 sliders and 3 rows of 8 knobs.
  • Play and manipulate up to 8 loops.
  • "Hold" button for dropping a channel into the mix on beat.
  • Live low-pass and delay filters.
  • Live jamming with the keyboard.
  • Looping smaller parts of each loop on beat.
  • MIDI control of effects
  • Program change from MIDI

New in this version

  • Program-change for MIDI (see programs.ini.example)
  • Load "background samples" that can be switched quickly
    Currently only supported by program-change functionality.

  • "Switch" button to change to background sample
  • Compiles, with a little work, on Windows and OS X in addition to Linux
  • Remembers MIDI settings in ~/.loopdub.midi.conf
    See "loopdub.midi.conf.example" for details.

  • Logarithmic sliders! So much better. (Applies to Cutoff & Resonance)
  • Clicking a folder now sets all filebrowsers to same folder.

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