M1LibEd 3.1.2
by October_28
(October_28 Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 4.2MB
License Conditions:

Registration $25

System Requirements:

The Korg M1 or M1R Synth; a PC running Microsoft Windows 95/98; a PC MIDI interface

Last Updated: 1998-07-22
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Main features:

  • Save programs and combinations of your M1 synth on your HD
  • Copy programs or combinations from a library to another using the Multiple instance functionality
  • Easy listen programs and combinations
  • Edit global parameters of M1
  • Add /load user scale to/from "Scales Database"
  • See and print out your library's information
  • Send raw sysex files to the PC MIDI Out Port
  • Edit combinations parameters
  • Tricky undo technique
  • Add /load combinations to/from "Combinations' Database"
  • Share M1 with other MIDI Software
  • Edit programs parameters
  • Add /load Programs to/from "Programs' Database
  • Edit effects parameters
  • User friendly interface

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please send me a free keybord chords on woship songs.
Thank You.

Korg M1

I recently inherited a Korg M1 and every time I select a sound, I've noticed that the volume's are different.

Is there a Master Volume that you can adjust and make them all the same? I'd like to know how?

Thanks .......

M1R Manual

Hi, can any of you send me a copy of the M1R

Thank you and regards


: Hey Guy,
: Could you please sent me a copy of the M1r manual ? Thanks a lot !
: Greez, Job

: : Do you have a manual for the M1R ? otherwise I will sent you a copy of the item.
: : Greetz
: : Guy
: :
: : : I am looking for a manual for the M1R. Also wondering if anyone knows how to restore the factory presets into the M1R. Thanks for any help.

M1libed with Windows XP

I am French and i have some problems with M1libed and Windows XP.ex: no receive from korg M1 or errors messages.
Do you have solution ?

Korg M1 & Cakewalk

I have some soundcards for the Korg M1. I have a question in regards to them.... HOW DO I GET TO USE THEM!! Ok then me explain. I have Cakewalk Pro Audio 9..with it I can use the sounds from the keyboard it's self but not from the cards... I am sure there is a way, I am hope you can tell me : ) I love the sounds on the cards but I just can't figure out how to record with them with this sequencer. Please help...


M1 -please! for MAC?

Okay folks - so where is the equilavent shareware M1 ed/lib for MACS????
hey - neat to know there are other M1 devotees out there. Please reply if you know of Mac ed/lib

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