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Demo version MFX Kit 2 works only some time. The functions will be cancelled gradually. Registration: US$39.00

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Software Description

NTONYX MFX Kit 2 is the four MIDI FX plug-ins - Chords Arpeggio, Chords Converter, Chords Creator, Smart Tremolo - created for use with Cakewalk software.

NTONYX MFX Kit 2 Plug-ins provides an extremely flexible and easy way for control and alteration of MIDI data as well as creation of really new material on the basis of the existing one. Besides, these Plug-ins display all necessary information concerning the transformed fragment in real-time.

NTONYX offers free presets for some MFX Kit 1 and MFX Kit 2 Plug-ins, which will enable you to create some useful bass, guitar, and piano patterns from your initial sequences of chords or melody lines, and enable you to alter and enhance your initial material.

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