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Last Updated: 2004-10-22
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Software Description

MidiView can help you in improving your musical hearing. You know, how easy to misapprehend some songs when there's no notation at hand. MidiView will solve this problem, so you can practice music using professional scores, printed or shown on the screen.

Thousands of MIDI files can be downloaded directly in the Web at no charge. You can choose from large variety of songs: from classical and folk themes to rock and heavy metal. The sequence is clear: download a MIDI file, open it in MidiView and start learning! And no matter what instrument you play.

MIDI playback is synchronized with showing the sounding notes on the screen.

Every sounding note is synchronized with showing it on the screen. Owing to this feature, musical practice for novices can be simplified as much as possible. MidiView synchronizes both the aural and the visual perceptions to create the complete musical shape.

Prints professionally designed and high quality scores.

Save your money on music sheets and choose only the songs you want. All is for free! Once purchased MidiView, you'll get an ability to create your own song books, teach and learn music using printed music sheets.

Imports MIDI with track separation.

MidiView represents MIDI file as a list of separate tracks for every instrument that appreciably simplify the comprehension of musical composition.

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Midi to 1/2 Midi

Looking for a way to slow down Bagpipe music to 1/2 speed for learning reasons

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