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Last Updated: 1997-05-17
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Software Description

Midi2Cs is a powerful tool that lets you forget the bother of creating Csound input or renting expensive audio studios forever! Midi2Cs creates Csound rendering input from midifiles and your own WAV and AIFF files on the fly. Also Csound orchestra files can be taken as input which provides all kinds of synthesizing and much more. With Midi2Cs and Csound you are able to create audio tracks of MIDI files without external samplers directly on the harddisk of your machine. The result after processing Midi2Cs's output with Csound are audio tracks in a professional quality - ready to use with soundeditors, harddiskrecording systems, ADATs and so on.

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Can anybody tell me how I must use Csound with midi2Cs??
I need to know about it for my thesis :(
The thing is that I can't install the software :S.
Please somebody help me

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