MIDI Eddie v1.1.3
by Song Galaxy
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Last Updated: 2006-06-12
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Software Description

This MIDI player and editor has support for GM, GM2, Roland GS, and Yamaha XG sound sets. Rather than using only the general GM sounds, users can select variation tones if their sound modules support them..

Using a mixer representation, easily adjust the volume of individual tracks or the overall volume, transpose, change the tempo, adjust reverb and chorus settings, and select new sounds. MIDI files can be converted between Format 1 and Format 0.

The karaoke display shows lyrics if they're embedded in the MIDI file. Rather than editing in a cryptic list, editors simply touch the controllers, tweak the sound, and save. The main controls have keyboard shortcuts.

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haw to dowload music software

faire music

je veux faire mon propre cd

midi eddie

Nice programme. It has just one thing missing: you cannot edit the drums which is something most musicians need very badly as most midi-files tend to have to loud bass drums compared to other percusive instruments. Midi-Eddie says they are too busy at present but might have this feature in the future.
That may be due to to "pop" influence or people not having really good sound systems like performers have. On the small speakers of a keyboard the bass is very subdued of course. Hage and MidifileOptimiser have this feature, but the first one has some stability problems on my xp. One feature all 3 programs seem to lack is the possibility to make a midi-file longer by inserting another chorus. Most midi-files are not long enough for live dancing. You can loop in edit mode but not save the loop.
For anyone wanting to edit styles Style Works is an exellent tool.

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