MIDI Organizer and Search by Melody 1.20
by Fred Parcells
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5MB disk space

Last Updated: 2013-07-01
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Software Description

MIDI Organizer and Search is a MIDI program that takes a user defined melody and searches instances of that note sequence for matches in MIDI files located in the midi.mdb Database or selected directories on a hard drive.
If the 'Try in every key signature' checkbox is checked then the user melody will be transposed into every key and compared to each file's melody. If the 'Ignore harmony notes' checkbox is checked then harmony notes are ignored.

When searching the database, if no path was present in a record, the search stopped instead of trying the next record. This only effects the Search-MelodyDatabase menu item. Example: If you entered all the paths for all the records but left the first one out, no tunes would be found because the search stops if path equals "" This version corrects this by simply skipping a record with no path. Now all records are checked for every search, path or no path.

6/28/2013 Installing with the MIDI Organizer Search.msi file gives the error: Solution: Right click on notepad and Run as Administrator. Save the empty Notepad file as odbc.ini (Save as type: All Files (*.*)) in C:\Windows. Close the notepad file you just created. Right click on C:\Windows\odbc.ini and choose properties. In the security tab click the Edit button choose Users and check the allow write permission checkbox. Click apply, then OK and OK again to exit. Double click on MIDI Organizer Search.msi to install.

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i am searching for a midifile called
pledging my love by elvis presley
can you help me
best regards george

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