MPG64-A v5.0
by Gradywerks
(Gradywerks Website)

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MIDI instrument. Minimum resolution 1024x768.

Last Updated: 2012-04-11
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Software Description

The Midi Pattern Generator 64 is a 64-step midi sequencer. In addition to playing midi notes, the MPG64 is capable of simultaneously recording the resulting audio, creating loopable WAV files that can be used in any audio application. The 64 step pattern data can also be exported to a midi file. The MPG64 features a row of parameter knobs which can control the duration and velocity of each note, and can also be used to set values for two continuous controllers.

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New in v5.0

  • V05 - HUGE decrease in CPU usage. Fixed a bug causing crash if SYSEX data is received in midi slave mode.
  • V04 - program now uses less CPU

New in v3.0

  • Program renamed 'MPG64-A' (A = analogue) in anticipation of 'MPG64-R' version
  • Improved knob behavior
  • New 'function select' short cuts: click directly on text or LED to activate desired function
  • Parm knob setting can also be selected by clicking directly on text (duration, velocity, controller 1&2)
  • New 'pattern steps' function: allows for different pattern lengths (2-64 steps)
  • Sample recording length is automatically adjusted to match pattern steps when 'loopable length' is selected
  • Program does not exit after rendering .wav except when running as Tu2 plugin
  • New copy feature: ability to reverse entire pattern
  • Bug fix: fixed tempo change when changing sync modes during playback

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MPG64-A (Midi Pattern Generator) v3.0

I'm using this to drive a modular, great as I don't have a 960 at the moment. Very straightforward to use and none of the clutter associated with packages like Cubase. Highly recommended.


!hola que tal mi gente¡ ¿espero encontrar lo que busco?

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