MJOY 0.56
by Alessandro Kraus
(Alessandro Kraus Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 844 KB
License Conditions:

This is the first public alpha release

System Requirements:

Minimum 64MB RAM, 2Mb Disk Space, Joystick, optional: MIDI Loopback driver

Last Updated: 2005-05-23
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

MJoy is an application capable to convert the joystick movements into custom MIDI messages, using a set of translation rules defined by the user through a graphical interface.

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er w2rwet

point of calibration

Hi Alessandro,
I want to ask you how can I calibrate the rest point of the joystick, how can assign, by way of example, the Midi value 64 when I don't move my joystick at all.
Thanks in advance

Re: point of calibration

Hi Teto7,

you can have your goal achieved in different ways, for example: you can have a rule defined to translate only the movement for RIGHT part of the X axis with controller values between 64 and 127. So, when the joystick is centered the controller has the value 64, when the joystick is full right the controller has the value 127.

You can also use that different approach: define a rule for the whole X axis and set the minimum and maximum controller values in a symmetrical way (i.e.: minimum 60, maximum 68).

With the Center Gravity slider you define the "dead zone" around the center of the joystick.

I'm sorry, I'm not too skilled with english language but I hope my answer will be helpful.


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