MOPHO To Go v4.2.2
by Maui Media Lab
(Maui Media Lab Website)

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iOS 4.2 or later. Runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Last Updated: 2011-03-09
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Software Description

This is a controller for the Dave Smith Instruments MOPHO Desktop Module or MOPHO Keyboard synth.

It gives you wireless RTP MIDI control of a MOPHO synthesizer that's connected to a Mac or PC. You can also use it by connecting directly to an iPad with USB Camera Connection Kit Accessory.

Rotate iPad to landscape orientation for controls, Rotate iPad to portrait orientation for a full two octave plus keyboard.

It provides an octave of full width keys and multi-touch controls for MOPHO Oscillators (shape, freq, fine, glide,) Mixer (mix, sub1, sub2, noise) and filter and amplifier envelopes (delay, attack, sustain, release,) audio mod, resonance, levels, BPM, Modulation, Pan, Volume, Channel, Program and Bank Select.

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