MP3 Rectifier v1.7
by Knoos Soft
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Operating System: Windows XP/2000
File Size: 419 KB
License: (All Shareware software)
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Registration: US $14.99

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Last Updated: 2007-07-07
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Software Description

Tag multiple MP3s at once with images and text using ID3 (all versions including v2.4) and rename them according to these tags!

MP3 rectifier can clean up your MP3 tags or remove them completely, export playlists and XML files, and extract embedded pictures. It can also extract ID3 information from file names with the use of regular expressions.


  • Edit the ID3v2 (2.3 & 2.4) and ID3v1.1 tags of multiple files at once
  • Add pictures to MP3s
  • Extract and save pictures embedded in MP3s
  • Unicode support (including UTF-8 for ID3v2.4)
  • Recurse subdirectories support
  • Rename files based on ID3 tags
  • Generate ID3 tags with the use of regular expressions
  • Export playlists (M3U and PLS) and XML

New in v1.5

  • Fixed: Tab key (to cycle between edit fields) now works
  • Updated: Pressing enter in a text field saves the changes
  • New: Help is included
  • Improved: XML exporting
  • Fixed: Only one Explorer window is opened per directory when clicking on the menu item "Explore"
  • Fixed: (empty) is displayed more correctly in edit fields
  • New: Drag and drop support for directories
  • New: Drag and drop support for pictures
  • New: Standard accelerators (e.g. Ctrl+O, Ctrl+N, Ctrl+S, F5, etc) are now recognized
  • Updated: More compliant with the ID3v2.4 standard
  • Fixed: Delete key now works when using autocomplete in the genre combo box
  • New: Easier tag generation
  • Improved: List doesn't flicker when saving changes
  • New: "Next File" button added to make changing several files in a row easier
  • Updated: Images are loaded when files are loaded - wait time for preview is shorter
  • Updated: Images are loaded when files are loaded - wait time for preview is shorter
  • Fixed: Duration and bitrate aren't displayed as often as 00:00 and 0 respectively
  • New: Tool tips (can be turned off)
  • Fixed: Saving in Unicode with BOM
  • New: Text can be saved in ISO-8859-1 when saving in ID3v2.4
  • New: Choice of whether to encode in ISO-8859-1 or Unicode when saving in ID3v2.3
  • Improved: Change of encoding in preferences doesn't require refreshing of files
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