MP3 Repair Tool 1.5
by Aspect-one
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Last Updated: 2005-05-08
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Software Description

You are currently working with your MP3 files and suddenly one file does not play anymore. This sounds familiar to you? Then we may have help for you: MP3 Repair Tool

MP3 files are very sensitive. Just a single modified byte can make the whole file unreadable for several MP3 players. Thus it's not hard that an accident or bug in a MP3 editor corrupts a file.

But this doesn't mean that the file is lost.

MP3 Repair Tool can help you!

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MP3 Repair

MP3 reading "Not enough space for Music DB. Pleas free 4MB. However screen is stuck. When plug into computer or just turn it on, can not figure out how to free up space. Please help an elderly lady quick--I need to go exercise. (Smile)

How can I repair my Creative

How can I repair my Creative mp3 player?

mp3 software repair

how do i repair my mp3 player can you help me for this thank you.

mp3 repare

how do i repare my mp3 player can you help me for this thank you.

Re: mp3 repare

: how do i repare my mp3 player can you help me for this thank you.


please i want to start repairing mp3 and mp4 therefore i want your advice and any help thanks

no idea

Hi tried to synk music from computer onto new mp3 and ended up with egg timer on screen and it wont move, even when turned on?off...HELP

no idea

:fixd thanx


thank for your interaktif software, please post me another mp3 software lyric

MP3 Repair

(Originally posted 06:50:37 1/13/06)

I have cracked my mp3 screen were can i get it repaired ???

Re: MP3 Software Repair

all my files in my mp3 was lost and i can't creat a file anymore what should i do??

Re: MP3 Repair

i dropped mp3(creative) and now it wont turn on only if i put preasure in a certain spot but after i release it turns off

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