MP3 Schizophrenia
by Besler
(Besler Website)

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Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher, latest MDAC

Last Updated: 2000-08-30
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

MP3 Schizophrenia is a tool to archive MP3 files with the help of a database.


  • Add additional information to each song
  • Search for the MP3 files with different filters
  • Split your files into different categories into different directories to burn a CD in joliet format
  • Rename the files so that they are easier to import into the database
  • Import files with a directory structure of their categories (created with the tool AudioCatalyst) or MP3 Schizophrenia
  • Split the MP3 files into different folders with different categories (artist, title, album, track, style)
  • Recording studios can archive their songs (MP3), different versions or mixes (WAV) plus the belonging lyrics to each song

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cd splitter

i hope this will work for my wave music for the ones that go over 80 min. to put them on two cds if it does thank you very much.

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