MP3 Surgeon 2003
by MP3 Surgeon
(MP3 Surgeon Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 956 KB
License Conditions:

MP3 saving limited to 4MB files. Purchase price $19.95

System Requirements:

Pentium 100, 16MB Ram, Sound Card

Last Updated:
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

A Visual MP3 editor which allows users to trim, join and split any number of MP3s to varying lengths and sizes, apply fade in/out effects, normalise their entire collection to the same volume level - and much much more besides.

  • Fast visual editing of MP3s
  • Automatic trimming and repair of MP3s
  • No need to re-encode, so no loss of quality
  • Zoom feature for accurate editing
  • Playback preview of MP3 editing
  • Join multiple MP3s together
  • Normalise all your MP3s
  • Convert MP3s to WAV files for CD Burning
  • Catalog your MP3 collection for use in MS Excel/Access

What's new:

  • New - Automatic Cue Sheet Splitting of MP3s
  • New - Micro Zoom for Precise Editing
  • New - Custom Cataloging of MP3s into MS Excel/HTML/Other
  • New - Animated Tutorials provided as Flash Files

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No Support

Good luck getting a response from their support link. I have tried twice over two weeks and haven't heard back from them yet. Don't waste your money on this software!

Software that is a fiasco

Do not waiste your money, this software is a fiasco it does half of its advertized qualities !!!! help guide is a drag !!

MP3 Surgeon

The help files are worthless, but with some good guessing one
can get this program to work. However, the free version is
useless, and if you register, you may find that the registration
suddenly becomes invalid. All in all, not worth the trouble.

Can you save

Can you save your music that you mixed together???

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