MP3 TrackMaker 1.50
by Heathco Software
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The demo version has all the features of the registered version (which only costs $13 US), except it can only split an MP3 into a maximum of three tracks and can only join a maximum of 3 tracks. Also CUE file features are disabled.

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Last Updated: 2002-06-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

MP3 TrackMaker is a program used to split up MP3 files into smaller MP3 files or tracks. MP3 TrackMaker is a perfect utility to split up large MP3 files into tracks, such as your favorite radio shows, live concerts, trance mixes, and other lengthy audio files. It is especially useful for creating audio CDs in order to prevent from having a single lengthy track.

Works with MPEG Layer III, fixed bitrate (no VBRs).

In this version: You can now use custom artist and title naming when splitting. This gives you more control over the names of files when they are split. If you have a CUE file with artist and title information, it will automatically be imported. This new feature saves loads of time!

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Nice work,,,done

Hi !

Its great ....A ausam work you done thank you

automatic mp3 file splitter


I want a automatic mp3 file splitter i,e songs running throuhg audio stream (internet etc) I want to record those songs and it should split the file automatically when it goes to next song.

pls let me know, if there is any software is available and let me know where I can download those s/w

Thanks and regards


If I've downloaded a trance mix and then use mp3 trackmaker to seperate it ot tracks, and then want to burn a cd, but want it in a continuous mix, and still want to select my track no., what shuld I do!?
ie. When buy a continuous mix cd, we can select a particular track, I wnat to do that with my downloaded version.


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