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Last Updated: 2001-02-01
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Software Description

Many of you will know what MP3 is and many people know that the quality of MP3 files are very disappointing in many cases.

Andree Buschmann knew the problems in MP3 and he made a new audio format based on mp2 technology and added many techniques like M/S stereo and VBR encoding.

MPEGplus files can be recognized on the extension .mp+

MP3 coders mostly cut off the frequency at 16Khz but the MPEGplus encoder uses a frequency range that can reach up to 22KHz ! This is because many people can hear sounds above 16KHz even when it is sometimes hard to hear anything but it makes a lot of difference in sound dynamics.

When you want to burn a normal audio CD you have to decode the song. With the MP+ decoder you can decode the songs the the .wav format and then burn it on CD with your favourite CD creation software.

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Question !

I want to know the name of a Software which convert the MP3 into AVI or in video file.

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