MPLAY Multimedia Player v1.8.6
by deepNiner
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File Size: 2.9 MB
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Registration: US$10.00

System Requirements:

Latest version of QuickTime recommended.

Last Updated: 2008-10-31
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Software Description

MPLAY Multimedia Player is a multimedia player for the Macintosh that supports a wide range of media formats. Originally designed as an easy to use MP3 player, MPLAY has grown to also become a MP3 mixer, an audio/midi player, a videoplayer and an image viewer (with support for fullscreen slideshows). Also, free tools are available for different tasks, including MP3 to AIFF-conversions and much more!

New in v1.8.6

  • Minor update that takes care of problems with registrations containing international character on the Intel platform.

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Nice but....

I'm really loving this mp3 player... works real smoothly and has a cornucopia of features... the one thing I don't like.. is the look. Intending to use it for DJ'ing... I'd love for the Track title and time left to be much bigger... and be allowed to change the size of it a bit. Also... it seems all of the "skins" use the same basic look format. Please... make a big ole time and readout format and I'm totally sold.


conseguir un pcdj silver


Very helpfull sit thank u.

mplay 1.62 vs 1.3

i binned 1.3 before downloading 1.62. i miss the following :
•1.3 would fire up and start playing from a double click of the mymp3 music file
• 1.62 you have to wait to delete reg window,then import file,then press play


Re: mplay 1.62 vs 1.3

Between version 1.3 and 1.6.2 there's MORE THAN ONE YEAR of development with added functionality and numerous bugfixes. Lot's of new features have been added and the overall stability and performance have been improved. That IS improvement...


Although it says "Freeware" if you don't register it for $10, it won't let you do ANYTHING!!!!


That's just plain and simple WRONG - You can do basically EVERYTHING with and unregistered copy of MPLAY. In order to give people who do register some value for their money, a few minor, non-significant features will be activated when you register (screen-fades and smoother crossfades)


Where can I get some different skins from? I have a PPC Mac! Please Help! Thanx! XXX

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