MU.SE.S. v0.1.3
by Luigi Negretti Lanner
(Luigi Negretti Lanner Website)

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Minimum 128 RAM - FLTK installation to compile the sources

Last Updated: 2006-08-27
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

MU.SE.S. allows you to manipulate the musical series in alpha-numerical format through the use of the Csound code. A musical series is, here, a sequence of twelve values, not necessarily different among them, related to one of the four musical parameters ( intensity, duration, timbre, pitch ). MU.SE.S. elaborates an input series, and releases the new series as output. MU.SE.S has been written in C++, using the FLTK library to build the GUI. A Windows version and the sources for Linux (Kdevelop project) is also available on the same web page.

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