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Last Updated: 2004-05-08
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Software Description

MacTermen is a software monophonic tone generator for MacOSX. Frequency and timbre color are driven by mouse position over the application main window, or by a MIDI controller connected to your Mac's USB input. Mouse vertical position controls pitch (4 octaves). Mouse horizontal position controls tone color (sinusoidal > sawtooth).

Keyboard control over formant tuning (intervals), stereo placement of sound, vibrato on/off, vibrato speed, sample & hold, pulse effect, ring modulation.
Preferences controls: slider 1 controls s&h and pulse tempo in beats per minute. Slider 2 selects base pitch (MacTermen covers the entire audio spectrum). Skin selection.

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MacTermen and Garageband

Soundfower is one of the many ways to record it.

Recording the MacTermen

I like the sounds I'm getting from the MacTermen but I don't know how to record it.

How can I send the signal into Garageband or other program so I can record a track?

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