Macaw v3.01
by Robin Holmes
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Soundcard or on board sound, 500Mhz+,128MB RAm

Last Updated: 2009-07-16
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Macaw is a program that implements a clip based MIDI sequencer, which drives a bunch of built in plugins, MIDI devices and VST plugins. It has a soundfont loader and wave editor.

The program is at a very mature stage and works fine for composing music and live playback of samples and plugins. The plugins and sampler and MIDI tracks can be played using the PC keyboard, or a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI controller.

  • Unlimited tracks in unlimited nestable track folders.
  • Sequence Audio and MIDI clips.
  • Import and export MIDI.
  • Import and export Audio.
  • MP3, OGG and WAV formats supported.
  • 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit PCM.
  • Customisable sequencer theme.
  • Share plugins amongst multiple tracks.
  • Sequence to external MIDI devices.

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New in v3.01

  • Fix VST thread problems. Problem of stalling VSTs should be solved. VST now more reliable.
  • Fix VST timing problems. Now sending correct PPQN to plugins.
  • Fix plugin sync to host. Now syncing properly to host PPQN.
  • Fix clear audio files bug.
  • Improved theming - Now switch visual styles from selection of menu item.
  • Improved instrument envelopes - More features for anti-click.
  • Improved instrument sequencers - added step sequencers with 64 steps to the main instruments such as Ventura6 and universal.
  • Fixed envelopes of Universal.
  • Fixed value maps and XY controllers in Universal.
  • Tested Universal more in Fruity Loops demo. Works good there and in Macaw.
  • More presets.
  • More waves per standard oscillator, including strings organ sound.
  • New 20 oscillator additive synth.
  • Improved piano roll behaviour with controller values for velocity.
  • Improved VST automation.
  • Added groove control to "groove" the timing of the Macaw sequencer.
  • Added some buttons for picking random presets of the disk for all the main Macaw Plugins.

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Macaw v3.02

Macaw v3.02
Not compatible with all vst out there.
Strange loud noise when using reverb.
Cpu cascade whith some noise when clicking around.
Clip moving to another track when replacing plugin instrument.

Hope you can fix this cause it's a nice daw.


Can midi file scores be printed with the Macaw Sequencer?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Projeckt not exist

somehow it seems the program or the projeckt not exist anymore or random news to the source code somewhere I get the e-mail seems not to vote


I am a solo performer and am looking for a really basic sequencer which will play my backing tracks whilst automating my guitar effects and dmx lights via midi / usb dmx controller. Can this do this?


macaw music software

this software is nice,even one can write the music using a qwerty keyboard+even you can write music
through graphical lines -nice it still needs some tune up on some points.


system specs:
windows xp
16bit soundcard
500megs of ram
enough gigs

nice program especially free, but unfortunately iti doesnt seem to work correctly on my system. I try loading vsts in the program and get strange noises when i try and use them. its like a popping static sound. but, the same vsts when loaded through another sequencer like mulabs works correctly. this occurs when trying to use some samples also(like a snare sound, or a bass drum). the volume is also low on most plugins i try to use, even though ive maanaged to find 4 seperate places to raise the volume (the actual plugin volume, the master channel volume, the the plugin channel volume, and the program volume)

ive tried lowering the audio quality from like 44hz to 22hz, which helped. but i still get audio pops(like bad reverb or echo) and also very low volume. i managed to fix a latency issue with my midi controller, and most of the native vsts work well. any inquiry? pretty nice site here by the way.

audio import

Hi there,
does anyone know how to get an audio mp3 as a clip to track in my time line?
Taking a record with my micro from the sound card works well
Please help

it's that simple

right click on track --> new clip --> there check audio clip --> and select the imported sound file from the audio file window


Very professional software - I just fiddled a little bit with it - great !! But the named google group can't be found. I would suggest to found a forum with opportunity to share macaw files and hints.


Very useful software

Works on windows 7 x86. Compatible with a lot of vst's.
My wish list: multicore capable (very important) , win x64 version.

Macaw 3.01

The best free MIDI sequencer. Period!

New Google Group on Macaw DAV

I just opened a new google group for the Macaw Sequencer at:

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