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1 Ghz CPU, 1 GB RAM, sound card

Last Updated: 2015-11-27
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Software Description

Compose, transcribe and edit music the way you want it! MagicScore Maestro offers everything a musician could ever dream about. Whether you are a proffesional or amateur, the software will provide you with powerful features for typing or editing scores. Being used by musicians all over the world, MagicScore Maestro allows you to quickly and easily lay out and typeset music, and produce high-quality scores that can be easily played back and printed out. A range of user-friendly features makes this program the fastest way to create music and arrangements. MagicScore Maestro is a perfect companion for composing and arranging scores. Now composing is much easier! You can write and listen your music and also can edit the sound of the scores as you like.

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Need a Mixer

Please add a mixer to control all sound. Thank's.

Lovely programm! Nice

Lovely programm! Nice interface, adorable quality, wide ables :)

Maestro 7

Good program for training of choristers, and for writing of arrangements.

Mannual Guide

The hand out mannual is too condensed. For peolple like me that like to have it on hand so that when I am in a medical appointment, I take advantage. It is written for people that already master the program not for news as me.
Other programs use a sample case and go over every feature and help a lot to follow it up. Even the helper on the screen it miss lot of features. Iam still missing the repeat tool for 1rst and 2cond ending, I dont know even if the program has it. When I go to the help index or content, repeat does not show up. By the way, where it is?
Until I can complete a whole music sheet, I can't make a good evaluation.


maestro 7

Just purchased. Great program. Love the virtual piano, bought it mainly because of the one click note entry ability. Only flaws I see so far is the cumbersome ways to tie two notes together and adding dots to notes. It would be much nicer to be able to highlight the note and add the desired notation, or be able to mouse drag and click the ties. Love it anyway.

Maestro 7

This is a great program!
Wonderful interface! Help window - this is wonderful! From the first time you can get started and do not spend hours in long and painful search for instructions.

Maestro 7 - initial comments as requested

1. Quickly, easily and reliably set up a score to all normal standards, classic and modern.
2. Just done my first 1 page score on Maestro 7. It is easier and clearer than Maestro 6 and two bugs which irritated me in Maestor 6 have been corrected. Super! BUT even in this short score the program hanged after using the 'down a tone tool [down green arrow]' for a group of notes and trying to use it again for a single note. There is no similar trouble if the tones are adjusted by pulling them with the mouse. It will take careful analysis to identify just where the problem occurs. (At first I thought it was hanging on using the [down green arrow] tool but after several crashes at the same point I now think the problem was created at an earlier point in the program logic).
3. Yes. I like the Mastro tool and want it to be bug free.
4. I have used Maestro 6 for some time
5. downloaded from
as per the email

Magicscore 5

My other feedback refers to Magic Score V 5 not 7

It's good to know that contact with you is easy and that you responded well to my requests. You have a great program.

I am currently available for beta testing if that is of any interest to you.

My thanks to you all, Best regards Mike

excellent software

The software has so many features that I sometimes can't find where to find things. The help index should say where to find things like appoggiatura etc. I'm using the software to write my compositions. It's very nice. I love the copy and paste feature. The price is amazing too.


I learn to play guitar for three years by this moment. I find this software quite useful - I can create, edit and listen various melodies. It's like a whole orchestra in one PC. I use it to edit and exchange sheet music w\ my teacher and some friends. This editor, IMHO, is very effective and I think it's a good way to spend your money.


I'm a teacher in Music School. In 2005 I bought a MagicScore Maestro license. This is an magnificent music notation editor, with its help I created 2 music books «Noua azi ne-a rasarit» and «Classic Guitar in Various Styles». At present time my students are use sheet music that I create in this marvelous notation editor. This program is very useful for teachers and for students.

"Traveler's Song"

Are you the composer of the song "Traveler's Song"? I'm from Canada and so may have never heard this song anywhere else, but I absolutely love it. In the MagicScore demo files, it credits you as the writer. I absolutely love this song; I play it over and over again.

Are you the writer, or is it just your cover which you inputted into the software?

Nevertheless, I absolutely love it and I'm working on learning it on the guitar!

Hi! Yes I am a composer.

Hi! Yes I am a composer. This piece from my album "Classic Guitar in Various Styles". "Traveler's Song"

This program as a drink of

This program as a drink of water wishing to learn(find out) and to have it is more opportunities in the activity. For children is convenient and is easy in application. Is accessible to the people of a different level of development and price accessible.

MagicScore Maestro v.7

It's very good software for musicians! I bought Maestro 7 and I like this musical editor.

MagicScore, excellent support for choirs

Berner Liedertafel in Switzerland, a male voice choir since 1845, is sucessfully using MagicScore for 5 years, starting from Maestro 4. It is an efficient tool to practice new and old songs of our repertoire and an excellent support for new members.
Thanks to the optimal cost - effectivness and the discounts for schools an choirs, we could equip all our members with MagicScore School.
Important for us is the competent and fast technical support we get from the team of DG.
We also use MagicScore as digital archives of our scores. Klaus Kilchenmann, president.

The company's software

The company's software MagicScore is of good quality and low price. Moreover, the creators of MagicScore Maestro is open to continuing dialogue with the consumer, so they are out of competition. I have already typed in MagicScore Maestro 10 tracks and was pleased with the result.

The very powerful and useful

The very powerful and useful software one of the best. Considering its price - may be the best one.

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