MasterVerb v5.80
by Wave Arts
(Wave Arts Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 32.5 MB
Price: USD 149
License Conditions:

30 Day Demo.

System Requirements:

VST host application

Last Updated: 2014-05-12
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Software Description

Spacious and lush, MasterVerb is a true stereo reverb with a natural sound and a silky-smooth decay. Independent room size and decay time parameters allow simulation of a variety of spaces - from studio rooms to warm concert halls to bright cathedrals.

MasterVerb features a responsive and informative 3-D plot of your reverb’s characteristics, updated in real-time as you tweak control knobs for decay time, room size, early damping, late damping, and low frequency scale. An added 2-D control helps you set your desired room response in just seconds!

This professional quality plug-in is the result of over three years of research and development at Wave Arts. It has been meticulously engineered to achieve maximum efficiency without any compromise in sound. Our tests show that MasterVerb is at least twice as fast as competing reverb plug-ins. This CPU savings translates into more plug-ins and more tracks for your project!

Changes in v5.80

  • Fixed GUI refresh issues in some hosts
  • Combined AAX and all other formats in one installer
  • Now offer PACE licensing option

Changes in v5.60

  • Mac Audio Unit and VST versions are 64-bit native
  • Bugfix for AudioSuite crash bug in Pro Tools 10
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