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Software Description

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Mediaraptor is unbeatable when it comes to record millions of MP3s from web radios and music videos online. No P2P file sharing networks! No subscription required! Mediaraptor is today’s cutting-edge solution for targeting and recording music at turbo speed from social music platforms. Simply enter the artist, genre or song title and the Mediaraptor starts searching millions of files for tons of free MP3 music – complete with ID3 tags, cover art and even lyrics. No more annoying waiting – just make a few quick recordings with social radios and start listening. In addition to ID3 tags, cover artwork and lyrics, Mediaraptor automatically supplies you with the music video for each hit in your collection. The Mediaraptor MusicFinder fulfills your musical wishes by scanning thousands of web radio stations. The Mediaraptor web recorder automatically records all of the music and videos you have previously enjoyed at various social radio and video portals. Create an MP3 or music video collection automatically from social web radios using the wish list. Video clips are automatically converted in the appropriate file format for every device. The converter automatically saves all video clips in the file formats required by each of your playback devices. With the profile editor, you can customize quality specifications and other parameters for playback with cell phones, iPods or MP4 players. Convenient functions: download manager, auto tagger, mobile synchronization, CD burner and a generator for cell phone ringtones! With Mediaraptor, you can completely refine your music collection or easily set it up to be enjoyed on any device. The latest Mediaraptor can now download search & record plug-ins straight from the community. The plug-ins from the community allow users to record new social web radio station and video portals.

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