Melodyne Editor v2.1.2
by Celemony
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Operating System:
File Size: 103 MB
License Conditions:

30 Day Trial, need internet connection everytime the program is used. Update - $99, Full version - $399

System Requirements:

Dual (Core) PowerPC G5, Intel Dual Core processor, 2 GB RAM, OS X 10.4 or later

Last Updated: 2013-11-06
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Software Description

Featured in our Top Vocal VST Plugins roundup

Melodyne Editor is a single-track full function audio editor that also works for Macintosh.

When working on polyphonic, monophonic, rhythmic, and any complex audio material, the Melodyne Editor can help you get the best results quicker. With the useful features of Melodyne Editor, all you will need is a few takes to get a good track down. Inconsistencies and minor mistakes found in the recording can then be edited and corrected.

The Melodyne Editor, grants you total control of your recorded audio. You can correct timing and intonation errors either manually or automatically by setting up the root key. You can adjust melodies, harmonies and rhythms. If the song suddenly needs to go a step higher and the session bassist already left, you can quickly transpose the recorded bass notes to proper scale. You can even change or manipulate pitch and adjust vibrato, volume and formant spectrum of each note. If you think you still need more editing power, the Melodyne Editor has a special feature called "DNA" or Direct Note Access, with this you can manipulate notes within a chord or harmony! Every aspect of the audio is within reach.

At the end of your editing work you can quantize the notes for a tighter rhythm and then export the notes to MIDI so you can hear them in proper context. The Melodyne Editor is a complete solution that will cater to audio editing needs.

There are three single track Melodyne products that are available, the Melodyne Editor is the flagship application with full features. The Melodyne Assistant is the younger brother which have most of the features except for the "DNA" - Direct Note Access feature of the Editor. The smallest of the bunch is the Melodyne Essential, which does not have full functionality but have just enough for single track vocal and instrument audio editing.

New in 2.1.2

  • Support for Mavericks OS X
  • Improved DAW compatibility

New in 2.1.1

  • Supports the AAX plug-in interface
  • 64-bit operation of Melodyne under Avid Pro Tools 11.

New in 2.1

  • Workflow improvements
  • New Zoom function
  • Intelligent compare function in ARA mode
  • Enhanced reliability and performance.
  • Various bugfixes

New in 2.0

  • Expanded timing editing and tools – control the attack and the time course within notes
  • Greater clarity and ease-of-use – highlighting of blobs as they play back, improved display of time and pitch grids
  • True Scale & Tuning – comprehensive possibilities for the use, editing and extraction of scales from audio material
  • Rewire support – integration with Rewire-compatible DAWs as an alternative to plug-in operation

There are a number of videos available designed to help you make full use of the Melodyne Editor, here is one of them:

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