MiBAC Jazz Demo 2.01
by MiBAC Music Software
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Operating System:
File Size: 4.17 MB
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System Requirements:

MIDI interface and synthesizer capable of generating piano, bass, and drum sounds. MIDI required. Current version requires serial MIDI interface

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Software Description

MiBAC Jazz is no simple "auto-accompaniment" program. Designed by jazz musicians, it's a sophisticated, yet easy to use pro- gram that provides a true jazz rhythm section: real chords, real rhythms, real bass lines-without repeating itself. You get a realistic, accurate, and hip feel. MiBAC Jazz even has some advantages over real musicians; it's on call any time, it can play in any key, at any tempo, as long as you like.

  • Twelve Jazz Styles
  • Flexible Song Forms
  • Export Standard MIDI Files
  • Play In Any Key
  • Silence Any Part
  • Write Bass Pedals, Simulate Slash Chords
  • Control Dynamics
  • Print Lead Sheets
  • Change Drum Sets
  • Humanize Rhythms
  • Mix Styles In Songs
  • Play Multiple Songs
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