Midget 2.0
by Silver Blade
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Operating System:
File Size: 654K
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System Requirements:

Pentium compatible processor, 8 MB RAM, 1 MB disk space, Sound card that supports MIDI, with either an external MIDI device OR an on-board wavetable. Software synths will NOT work.

Last Updated: 2000-09-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Midget is a DOS-based MIDI music program, which features support for General MIDI and Yamaha XG devices.

This new version has been completely re-coded from scratch. The interface routines (for the menu, etc.) have been separated from the main program, meaning that the code is much more efficient.

You can export to .MID files! This feature is not 100% accurate, but it works! Unfortunately, importing from .MID files is impossible.

There are many interface improvements, due to the new code - there are *proper* dialog boxes for file loading and saving, the installer is graphical now, and the song editor uses more colours and uses BAR:BEAT format, rather than 00001, 00002, etc.

You can also "expand" your song display, to add notes between two rows.

There are a few known bugs, however. Copy and pasting will skip a row if you have placed notes in "expanded" view. This is not immediately apparent, and in general it shouldn't occur, but sometimes it does.

Also, there are severe crashing problems on some computers - on my AMD K6 it crashes a lot, but on my AMD Duron it runs fine. Nothing too dangerous - if it crashes, just don't use it. It won't bring your computer to a grinding halt, it'll just close Midget II.

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