Midget 3.5.1
by Silver Blade

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The free version of Midget is limited to 50 bars of song, and it cannot use MIDI files. The *.M3 proprietary format is, however, supported, and a version with 250 bars and no other limitations is available for a very affordable price.

System Requirements:

200 MHz, 16MB RAM, Either a sound card supporting MIDI, an external MIDI-compatible sound module/synth, or a soft-synth

Last Updated: 2003-03-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

With Midget, you can make music quickly and easily, by pressing different keys on your computer keyboard to place, remove or edit notes quickly and easily.

Midget's interface is based on those used in tracker music programs, which are rarely, if ever, seen in professional music studios. It is a kind of "underground" type of layout, which displays notes by their name as opposed to a musical representation, etc.

Midget 3.5 is designed for Yamaha XG and SoundBlaster Live!/AWE/Audigy equipment, although detection of loaded SoundFonts is a little sketchy.

Once you get the hang of Midget, you'll find it pretty easy to use. It just takes a little time to learn.

You can edit MIDI instrument lists, and modify the most common MIDI effects from the initial effects panel, as well as modify even more effects within the song itself.

If you like tracking, and want to get into using MIDI, download Midget!

In this version: This is an improved version of Midget, which has new features, and is generally an improvement over Midget 3.0. There is now a chord generator, an improved instrument editor and configuration dialog, and many other minor tweaks. Now has 25-level undo and resizeable main program window. Also supplied is an in-depth anual, in Windows Help format. The free version of the program does not have MIDI import/export capabilities, and is limited to 50 bars. The full version isn't expensive!

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