MidiPads 1.6
by Crossfire Designs
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System Requirements:

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Last Updated: 2012-06-08
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

MidiPads is a fully configurable MIDI Controller for iPad to control software on your Mac or PC.

MidiPads does not require 3rd party software or proprietary hardware to make a MIDI connection.


  • Supports network MIDI over WiFi
  • Supports USB MIDI over iPad Camera Adapter
  • All elements customizable (color, label, Midi channel, CC/key, range...)
  • Bottom part fully customizable with resizable touch pads and sliders
  • Four pages with 16 touch sensitive drum pads each
  • Several modes to influence velocity: Two-finger-tap, vertical pad position, random velocity, and min and max velocity always definable
  • Touch pads and sliders support snapping and fading
  • Use drum pads as tap or toggle buttons, either in key or CC mode
  • Drum pads can act as X/Y controller and pad at the same time
  • Sliders can act as VU meter and slider at the same time
  • Drum pads can show incoming values (e.g. that a sample is on that pad)
  • Gravity controller (use iPad's rotation axis as controller)
  • Easy Midi learn for each controller, as a learn CC value is sent on CC selection
  • Lock mode hides all elements that would hinder your performance
  • Supports all 16 midi channels (for each element separately!)
  • Drum pads can blink on incoming midi sync and hence support you with the beat
  • Extensive help covering connection, editing the user interface and troubleshooting (tap i-symbol)

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Changes in v1.6

  • retina resolution graphics
  • Tap velocity like in garage band possible (the harder you press, the louder it gets)
  • midipads can be started with mppreset files from other apps
  • Midi connection overview lets you disconnect from sources/destinations
  • Horizontal faders
  • define velocity mode for each single button
  • Start MidiPads from other apps with .mppreset files (e.g. Dropbox)
  • Improved startup speed, some other general speed improvements
  • x/y pad now shows incoming data like the other controllers (as cross hair)
  • some bug fixes

Changes in v1.2

  • Interchangable presets
  • Touch pad and slider bouncing
  • Virtual MIDI
  • Each axis and knob has multiple senders
  • Buttons in bottom view
  • Resizable pads and pad area
  • MIDI connection overview
  • Settings reset feature
  • White color for sliders and drum pads
  • Up/down message for sliders
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