MidiSwing v0.3.5b
by Pascal Naidon
(Pascal Naidon Website)

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Java 2SE 5.0+ Runtime Environment

Last Updated: 2008-11-17
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Software Description

MidiSwing shows the content of a midi file as a piano roll which you can edit. You can edit any existing midi file, or compose your own music from scratch.

MidiSwing has been specially developed with the Mac OS X user in mind. Source code will be available in the final versions.


  • MidiSwing can play any midi file, using a Java Soundbank (included in the application).
  • You can choose the instrument for each midi channel among the 128 General Midi Instruments.
  • You can compose a melody for each track by clicking on the keys of a keyboard. In turn, the keys light up when you play a midi file. Very convenient if you want to learn how to play a tune from a midi file.
  • You can adjust different parameters such as tempo, volume, stereo (pan position), reverberation, and pitch bend.
  • Finally, you can see the list of midi events in your midi file. MidiSwing cannot let you modify them in this list yet.

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Attn Pascal Naidon

Dear Pascal:

Thanks for the little MIDI sequencer. I was looking for something to help me practice my string quartet part (viola), and I needed a simple sequencer in which I could inactivate the viola part and play that part myself. Your program permits me to do that, so I'm very pleased with it.

A couple of questions - can I adapt your program to use the deluxe soundbank which I have installed in the j2sdk/jre/lib/audio directory? Also, it would be very useful if I could slow the tempo of the whole file for learning purposes. I notice that 'Tempo' appears in the choice box on the display, but I can't get it to change the tempo programmed in the original MIDI file.

Any ideas? (I am a java programmer, so I can understand a technical response to my question).



Re: Attn Pascal Naidon

(Originally posted 06:07:59 11/25/05)

Dear Martin,

Glad to know MidiSwing suits your needs. It would be quite straight forward indeed to use the deluxe sound bank (or any beatnik sound bank for that matter). Just a minor change in the code would do the trick. I will fix that and let you know about this matter.

As regards the tempo, you can change it graphically by dragging lines with the pen tool. That will only be a "graphical" change though, ie not particularly accurate. If you want to set the tempo to a very precise value, you would need to change the numerical value in the midi event list, which is unfortunately not yet editable! That is on my to-do list. Again, I will let you know about that.


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