Mobile Metronome v1.2.4f
by Gabriel Simões
(Gabriel Simões Website)

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Supports all Android versions from 1.5 (cupcake) up.

Last Updated: 2012-08-13
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Mobile Metronome is a free, simple to use, elegant, robust and fully functional metronome for any Android device. It´s audio engine is stable and
produces steady beats. Yes, it is steady and doesn´t oscilate as most if not all other Android metronomes. Check out what it´s capable of by visiting the
features session.

New in v1.2.4f

  • User interface is now ready for high resolution, ICS and JellyBean devices.
  • Holo theme for all ICS or JB devices
  • Fixed layout issues on some ICS devices as HTC one
  • Metronome doesn´t stop 30 minutes after screen goes off anymore (thanks for the reports) -> New permission request: wake lock

New in v1.2.3

  • Random crash bug on reopen fixed
  • Improved tap tempo precision and stability
  • New tempo range! Fine tempo tuning from 10 to 230 BPM!
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