MouSing v2.3
by Sagebrush Systems
(Sagebrush Systems Website)

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Author's Website

Operating System: Windows NT/95
File Size: 333 K
License: (All Shareware software)
License Conditions:

$15 Registration. 30 day trial.

System Requirements:

Sound card with Wav support, less than 1meg disk space, 486DX33 or faster.

Last Updated:
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Software Description

Wave your mouse to create cool sounds, similar to the musical instrument known as a Theremin. One axis of movement alters pitch, and the other controls volume. Controls allow changing Wav parameters such as sampling rate and resolution.

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mousing "Theremouse"

I love this thing. I've done some recording with it and it sounds lovely with a bit of delay.


Oh My God, your site is fantastic! Please don't go anywhere, EVER!


Cute little program, it's fun to play around with. It would be allot better if it had a record feture, and didn't make those anoying clicks, but I'm just anal, so...


This is AMAZING for anyone who want to get those cheesy theremin sounds (Like me) DOWNLOAD IT!!


vale verga....como tu puto.......jajajajaja.....

it´s great. . . and it´s easy to use. DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!!!

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