Mp3 2 MiniDisc v1.30
by thallium Software
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Last Updated: 2002-10-19
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Software Description

Mp3 2 MiniDisc is a must have program when you want to copy music from your PC to your MiniDisc. It automaticly adds seconds of silence between each track, your MD will recognize this and continue at the next track. In this way you prevent your disc from beeing just one looong track. In additon to this the program supports MP3 ID3s, M3U Playlists and a function that makes it possible to remove seconds of the end of the tune as well as adding fades to the song. You can also choose between three different skins.

The program also includes a MD-Labelmaker. You just have to click one button to get a MD Label for your Disc. Simply choose MD-Labelmaker before (or after) you copy your music to the MD. With one button you can simply include your already existing Playlist, and skip the boring: "write it all in" thing! It is also possible to manually add, edit and delete entries in your list, as well as saving your list for later use. In addition to this you have the possibility to import a existing m3u playlist directly into the label maker.

Another feature is the ID3 Tag editor. Now you can simply write, edit and delete MP3 ID3s. This could be very useful, because you don't have to open another program to do this common thing.

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Can't erase/ protected

Once I record my minidisc with mp32minidisc I can no longer place new songs or erase old songs because the disc is Protected. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to bypass this encryption?

go **** yourselves

go **** yourselves

mp3 2 md

I think this a great little program. I tried and tried the OpenMG and SonicStage and they pissed me off so much I gave up. This little guy is great. I get to listen and let it record. Thanks.. I think it's wonderful.




What's with your mp3 2md program?!?



I got a MZ-NE410, will this work with my minidisc player?


i have a minidisc classic, with this program i can record mp3 in my minidisc and listen it?? thankss


whats the point of making different tracks and not just one long one? What does it affect?

mp3 tomd

i just purchased the sony mz-51 with net md simple burner and open mg jukebox. it wont let me transfer downloaded mp3 files to the unit i get a message about the file not having the proper copyright protection on it. is there a way to hack this and fool open mg into thinking the copyright is there. this way i could enjoy file xfer at 32x not realtime xfer through a sound card.

send me a film to download

Please send me a movie for download

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