Mr. Alias Pro v2.4
by Insert Piz Here
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Demo limitations: A box annoyingly bounces around the GUI. On Tuesdays, parameters change themselves at random while the GUI is showing.

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Last Updated: 2011-04-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Mr. Alias Pro is a fully professional software synthesizer which exploits the properties of digital audio to achieve extremely bad sounds. It is an essential instrument for the digital purist.


  • Better-sounding "Pro" GUI with realistic wood sides
  • Skinnable
  • Auto Randomizer
  • Integrated MIDI keyboard - play with mouse or QWERTY keys (right-click to hold a note)
  • Modulation of internal parameters from audio input, envelopes, oscillators, etc
  • Extra assignable envelope and two LFOs
  • Glide and Retrigger for legato playing in Mono mode
  • Set each oscillator to a constant pitch, ignoring MIDI note value
  • 2 more banks of patches
  • Drawable waveforms (also load/save wav files)
  • 2 oscillators
  • 18 waveforms
  • Full stereo processing
  • 6 filter types including a formant filter
  • Filter envelope
  • External audio processing (no need to hire Butch Vig)
  • Patch randomizer button
  • Highly configurable MIDI control with MIDI learn
  • MIDI-controllable patch morphing
  • "Amateur" bank of 128 presets
  • Drag & drop preset and MIDI map loading
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