Mr. Random v1.4
by Hobie Orris

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System Requirements:

Java Runtime v1.4 or later.

Last Updated: 2007-05-10
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Software Description

Mr. Random is a utility useful for filling a portable MP3 audio player with music randomly selected from a larger collection situated on a computer hard drive. This is a good idea if you can't make up your mind what you want to hear, you prefer to be surprised by a selection of music you may not have heard in a while, or want to hear familiar music juxtaposed in novel combinations.

New in v1.4

  • Java Version 6.0 is required
  • List fills as tunes are picked
  • Status bar shows messages, list size and device free space / total space
  • Can export list as a playlist file to play in your desktop media player (Amarok, Winamp, QCD,...)
  • Detects device size (new feature in Java 6) so you don't have to guess
  • 10 new themes
  • Tooltips containing artist, album and optionally, cover art
  • Checking for new versions done in the background, so you don't have to wait for a connection during startup
  • All buttons disabled while copying to avoid funny business
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