Multi Module Player

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Operating System: DOS
File Size: 123 K
License: Freeware (All Free software)
License Conditions:
System Requirements:
Last Updated: 1998-02-24
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Software Description

MMP is a graphical module player with mouse support for 669-MTM-MOD-S3M-XM-XI-WAV-ARJ-ZIP module types. It uses VBE 1.0 graphics and SB Pro/SB 16/AWE32 sound cards. The file manager gives a full description of each file (dos name, size, number of channels and title); the mouse is supported. The main screens displays keyboards, oscilloscpoes, frequency spectrums and instrument list which can all be removed/resized/moved with parameters; the mouse is also fully supported for these features.

The output quality is enhanced with oversampling and low-pass filtering, giving a very good quality.

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