MusicMentor 1.2
by Angela Brett
(Angela Brett Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 123K
License Conditions:

Free use for a total of 60 minutes, not including time spent on the about screen. Registration:US $15

System Requirements:

HyperCard 2.1 or later, 219K hard disk space, 600x400 (or larger) black and white or color monitor

Last Updated: 2000-07-04
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Music Mentor is a shareware HyperCard stack to help music students learn to read written music quickly. It shows a note on a music stave and asks the user to click on the corresponding key on the three-octave piano keyboard within a certain time. The user can change the amount of time allowed for each note, and also decide whether to be tested on whole notes, sharps/flats, or both. After each test (of a user-specified number of notes) Music Mentor adds the score to a bar graph of recent tests for that player. Music Mentor remembers and tests more frequently on the notes which each user gets wrong. Music Mentor remembers test results and missed notes for any number of different players, so that in a class or home situation where there are several Music Mentor users and only one computer, each user can still have his or her own results stored. The keyboard can also be used for revision or playing tunes between tests.

Main Features:

  • Great for multiple users - stores bar graphs and missed notes for any number of players
  • Fully configurable - the user can choose time allowed per note, number of notes per test, and what kinds of notes are tested
  • Missed notes are listed grouped according to left or right hands, so they can be practised in Music Mentor or otherwise Music Mentor tests more often on these notes
  • Version 1.2 has better facilities for revising between tests - if you click on a note in the 'missed notes' list, the note will be played, the correct key on the piano keyboard will be highlighted, and the note will be shown on the stave
  • Also, if you click on a note on the piano keyboard the note will be played and the note will be shown on the stave
  • A bar graph for each player shows recent test scores so you can measure progress

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piano course


I have to admit that I had forgotten your name, but I know this is the right place because you use Hypercard, and not many people do. Anyway, I once purchased your piano keyboard course, and I need it again, having lost it in one of my many operating system reinstallations.

My address book has the following entries next to MusicMentor: R11155CN932D5 and transaction number CH10R7987AE6. If that's not enough, my e-mail address is (, my telephone/fax number is (707) 829-3530, and my mailing address is 6840 Evergreen Ave., Sebastopol, California 95472 Also, I have an iMac using operating syatem 9.0.4, in case that makes a difference.

Please send me your piano keyboard instruction program again.


Warren Jones
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