Music Scale Teacher 1.0 FAT
by David Bagno
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The demo version of Scale Teacher is completely functional except that the note range is limited. Register for $25

System Requirements:

Macintosh System 7.0 - 9.2, 800*600 Screen, QuickTime

Last Updated: 2001-09-24
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Software Description

The Music Scale Teacher is an invaluable computerized music tutor. It uses advanced teaching techniques to accelerate your note reading abilities. It replaces the monotony of memorizing the scales with a thrilling more action packed arcade game. The more notes you shoot down, the more scales you've mastered. Master those difficult keys instead of being intimated by them!

This program compliments Musical Space Invaders. After having achieved a fundamental knowledge of note reading, either with the help of Musical Space Invaders or this program, Scale Teacher will advance you to the next level. It will help you to intuitively know the notes for each key signature. Students will be freed from having to constantly consult the key sign as they struggle to learn a new piece. This knowledge will greatly facility your ability to read and learn music.

The Music Scale Teacher will play a random musical phrase ranging from 1 to 8 notes based on the key, range and note count you have selected. Shoot the notes down by playing the correct note on the piano. Use the mouse or optional midi keyboard to enhance the value of each lesson. Increase the game's excitement by turning on the optional note timer. If you don't shoot the notes down within the given time, they will blow up! There are plenty of special effects that augment the excitement of the game as well as sharpen valuable skills. Turn these features on or off, as you need them. This flexibility allows you to use this program with all ages and levels.

There are two modes of play, single key or multi key mode. In single scale mode, practice each key one at a time. When you become more advanced, switch to multi key mode and review all the keys. The game is logically setup to teach you the keys in a progression from simple to advanced. Just follow the lessons outlined in the Key's menu and you’re guaranteed to make progress.

Included in this program, is a robust student grades database. Teacher's can easily track the progress of each student. Print these grades out or post them on the web with the instant HTML feature. Beginner students will also benefit from the Auto Teacher function. Auto Teacher will highlight the notes simultaneously on the piano as each new melodic phrase is played. Think of it as a never -ending instructional video that you design based on the parameters that you’ve selected.

The Music Scale Teacher is in invaluable tool to have in your teacher’s bag of tricks. It will prove to be a great addition to your music lab. Don’t waste your money on those more expensive commercial programs that don’t teach anything. The Music Scale Teacher only cost 25$ for a single user. Schools and music studios can install an unlimited number of copies with my generous 100$ site license plan.

To use this program with a USB midi device, you will need the Opcode OMS midi driver. You can download it for free at OMS.... Please consult Opcode’s included support files for help with configuring OMS with Scale Teacher.

If you enjoy this program and can realize its economic value, please pay your shareware fee. Your support will inspire me to create new music programs for teaching other music skills. You can obtain the unlocking code for this program online at Once you unlock the program, this downloaded version will become fully functioning. The demo version of Scale Teacher is completely functional except that the note range is limited. You will have access to all the keys and special features.

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