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Last Updated: 2001-05-10
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Software Description

NME - nord morph editor, pronounced "enemy", is a program to automatically produce morph assignments for the Clavia Nord Modular synthesiser.

This is accomplished by following these steps:

  • Make a patch in the nord modular editor program. This is the starting point for your morph
  • Save the patch
  • Tweak the patch until you get the sound you want as the ending point of your morph
  • Save the patch with a different name to the first patch
  • Start up NME
  • Using the "Open" button for Patch 1, load in the first patch
  • Using the "Open" button for Patch 2, load in the second patch
  • Press the "Make Morphs" button. Morphs will, by default, be assigned to morph 1. To assign the morph to a different morph, select the morph number you want and press "Make Morphs" again
  • Your new patch will be produced, with a file name the same as the original patch with the letter "M" appended to signify a morphed patch
  • Press the "Save" button for the Resultant Patch
  • Save the new patch
  • You can now open the new morphed patch in the modular editor program
  • Have fun morphing your new patch

There is a "Show Patch Source" disclosure triangle. Pressing this will show the source text of the patches loaded into Patch 1, Patch 2 and Resultant Patch.

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