Neo Loudness 1.2
by Sound Magic
(Sound Magic Website)

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File Size: 4 MB
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Demo Limitations - Random Noise in Audio, Limited Features and No other versions for M/S and Mono. Full version is €69

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Last Updated: 2012-11-24
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Neo Loudness is a VST plugin that has compressors, limiters and maximizer functions, designed for controlling audio loudness.

Neo Loudness can let you achieve loudness without sacrificing too much of your audio's natural "breath". Neo Loudness also works as an all-purpose dynamic processor which could be the ideal choice for many situations. A unique feature found in Neo Loudness is its ability to change the RMS length, this plugin give you extensive control over this value, letting you adjust your own sounds to match those of the top hardware (and software) compressors.


  • Internal 64-bit floating point precision
  • Comprehensive Loudness/Dynamic Processer features Compressors, Limiters and 2 innovative Maximizers.
  • Included 3 compressors and 2 limiters
  • Meticulous envelope controls on 4 parameters (compared with others with only 2 or 3 controls) including Attack, Hold, Release and RMS length, give users the
  • maximum control of the final sound.

  • Innovative Neo Loudness technology results in a more natural and high quality sound during loudness processing.
  • Powerful Add-on system makes it easier to add new compressors/limiters (Famous Maker) sounds in the future.
  • Accurate Modeling by Sound Magic Award Winning Modeling Technology.
  • Meticulous Metering system gives the users "the next step" in accurate monitoring.
  • Different plug-in version to fit for usage on M/S, Sidechain, Mono and Surround
  • Up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution

Changes in 1.2

  • Enhanced Auto Release Algorithm.
  • enhanced Knee Algorithm.
  • Add more internal parametric for future capacity.

Changes in 1.1

  • Adjust hold knob range and set the default to 0.1 ms now.
  • Adjusts several automation names.
  • Add a new auto release algorithm.
  • BugFix for the switch issue on some system.
  • Knobs now have better resolution.
  • Many minor changes.
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