NoLimits v1.1
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Operating System: Mac OS X
File Size: 36.2 MB
License: Demonstration (All Demo software)
Price: USD 20
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Last Updated: 2011-03-24
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Software Description

This look-ahead limiter completes DDMFs mixing and mastering portfolio and will be your weapon of choice to bring you up to competitive levels.


  • optional auto-gain
  • optional transient stereo linkage
  • advanced mode for variable lookahead
  • attack and release times
  • state-of-the-art dithering algorithm

New in v1.1
While the overall 'simple' approach has been maintained, it is now possible to fine tune the limiting algorithm to a much greater extent via an 'advanced' part of the user interface. The user can now choose the lookahead, attack and release times as well as the output ceiling to their liking. Also, the internal DSP algorithm has been partly redesigned, leading to noticeably less distortion artifacts. The transient stage of NoLimits can now be operated in linked- or non-linked stereo mode.

The update is free for all existing users.

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